Billions of Dollars in Auto Defect Verdicts and Settlements

The attorneys of Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, are leaders in demanding safety and accountability from the automotive industry. Our auto defects practice is a cornerstone of our firm’s commitment to helping clients injured by vehicles and products. Because auto defect cases are such an important focus for our law firm, we have dedicated an entire area of content on the topic.

We are committed to improving public safety and saving lives by standing up to the automakers and manufacturers of auto parts that are defective in design, manufacture or marketing.

Greene Broillet & Wheeler’s unique approach to defective car, truck, SUV and van cases helps to maximize compensation for clients catastrophically injured by:

A $4.9 Billion Verdict Against GM

Auto defect attorney Christine Spagnoli was an instrumental member of the trial team who represented a family that was severely burned after their car’s fuel tank ignited. Our clients achieved a $4.9 billion dollar verdict against General Motors, which is among the largest product liability judgments in American history. This landmark case exemplifies the dedication and skill available to all our auto defect clients.

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