Los Angeles Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility is not easy. Issues such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and mobility problems often make nursing homes the only viable option for many California families.

Many people may feel guilty about placing a relative in an assisted care facility, but are reassured by promises that their relatives will be cared for by a team of experienced and attentive professionals.

The reality is that many assisted living facilities are staffed by inexperienced, low-wage workers. These workers are often poorly trained and feel overwhelmed by the demands associated with caring for large numbers of elderly patients. As a result, many Southern California nursing home residents may experience abuse or neglect.

At Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, we believe that assisted living facility residents are entitled to the utmost level of professional care. We handle nursing home abuse cases throughout California and have the resources to successfully litigate elder abuse claims even against the largest nursing home chains.

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Nursing home neglect is a common form of elder mistreatment, which is defined as any intentional action that causes harm or creates a risk of harm to a resident.

Los Angeles Nursing Home Neglect: Surprisingly Common

Anyone is at risk for suffering nursing home neglect and elder abuse. Elder abuse spans all racial, economic and social classes, according to data from the National Center on Elder Abuse.

National studies on the prevalence of elder abuse found that up to 10 percent of elderly respondents were abused in the past year. Common types of elder abuse include:

  • Neglect
  • Medication errors
  • Failure to monitor
  • Physical assault
  • Financial exploitation
  • Emotional mistreatment

It is estimated that only one in 14 elder abuse cases ever comes to the attention of authorities. One survey of 2,000 nursing home residents found that 44 percent were abused and 95 percent had been neglected or seen another person neglected.

Warning Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse

Individuals who suffer from nursing home neglect are often afraid to tell their family members that they are being mistreated. Nursing home residents with dementia or other cognitive disabilities may be unable to recall the abuse, whereas other victims may be intimidated by their caregivers.

Some of the most common signs of nursing home neglect are:

  • Bruises that resemble slap marks, pressure marks or certain types of burns
  • Physical injuries that have odd explanations
  • Unexplained changes in behavior or alertness
  • Withdrawal from normal activities
  • A sudden change in finances or transfers of money
  • So-called “gifts” sent to caregivers
  • Untreated bedsores
  • Dirty clothing, overgrown nails and other hygiene issues
  • Unexplained medications given to patients or inadequate documentation of medication
  • Unusual weight loss

The warning signs of elder abuse vary depending on the type of neglect or abuse happening, so it is important to remain aware of all changes or signals that your loved ones may exhibit.

Help For Assisted Living Facility Abuse Victims

The legal team at Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, handles even the most complex nursing home neglect cases. When the attorneys on other side see one of our lawyers across the table, they know they are in for a fight. We are well-known throughout California as a firm with a reputation for excellence both inside and outside the courtroom.

Our lawyers have the skills and resources to fully litigate all of our nursing home abuse cases and ensure that our clients receive the largest recovery possible.

The legal team at Greene Broillet also believes in the importance of our work. Most nursing home abuse is the result of failures in hiring or monitoring at a facility. This means that hundreds of others could be neglected or suffering abuse. Our work helps ensure that the facility remedies its organizational failures and stops a pattern of neglect that could impact future residents as well.

If you suspect that a loved one has suffered nursing home abuse or neglect, email us or call 310-576-1200. Based in Santa Monica, our firm handles nursing home abuse cases throughout Southern California, including Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Irvine and Orange County.