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Making a Difference for Car Accident Victims

At Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, in Los Angeles, we represent clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries in car accidents, including drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists. We also represent the family members of those who lost their lives due to a negligent driver.

Over the years, our personal injury attorneys have won billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for car accident victims, including accidents caused by auto defects and dangerously designed roadways.

  • We achieved a $32.5 million settlement for our client, a passenger in a vehicle that was struck by another vehicle causing our client to lose function in most of her digestive track.
  • We secured a $20 million settlement for a young client who suffered brain damage in a car accident when the car she was riding in was broadsided by an oncoming vehicle. Her mother, the driver, was using a cellphone to talk to her employer at the time of the collision. Our job was to establish that the mother was in the course and scope of her employment at the time of the accident.

Common Car Accident Injuries

In a collision involving two large vehicles moving at significant speeds, nearly anything can happen. Everyone’s injuries are unique, but there are several types of injuries we regularly see as a result of car accidents. We have extensive experience pursuing compensation for people who have sustained:

  • Brain injury – If a motorist or passenger in an accident bumps their head on a steering wheel, seat back, window or dashboard, they may experience brain injury symptoms ranging in severity. Concussions and other brain injuries can have a lasting impact on a person’s life, and it is essential to seek thorough medical care.
  • Back/spinal cord injury – Back injuries can range in severity from manageable back pain to debilitating nerve damage and paralysis. Because the spinal column is connected to every part of the body, proper treatment and follow-up for these injuries is vital.
  • Neck and chest injury – Whiplash is one of the most widely known car accident injuries. The rapid neck movement caused by a sudden collision can injure the neck muscles and ligaments. Chest injuries, such as bruised ribs and punctured lungs, are also fairly common in certain types of accidents.
  • Injury to hands, arms, feet and legs – These extremities are fairly delicate, and can be seriously hurt in a collision. Impact with the body of the car, steering wheel or other equipment can result in broken bones, nerve damage or lingering soft tissue injuries.
  • Emotional distress – Many people underestimate the mental and emotional toll of a car accident until they experience it firsthand. However, there is a reason the law permits for damages to compensate accident victims for emotional distress; the severity of these effects should not be overlooked.

Who Is Responsible?

California personal injury law uses a doctrine of “comparative negligence” to determine legal responsibility for damages caused by a car accident. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, there are several parties that may be partially or wholly responsible:

  • Another driver – If another motorist violated a traffic law or acted negligently, they will likely be found largely responsible for any damages. However, this is not always the case in chain collisions, where two vehicles may collide because of the actions of a third, uninvolved motorist.
  • An insurance company – Provided everyone involved in an accident has the proper auto insurance, insurance companies will typically take over the investigation and resolution of the claim. However, do keep in mind that insurance companies have a vested interest in paying out as little as possible. Consider getting a lawyer involved right away to protect your interests, even if you are confident in your claim.
  • A business or employer – In accidents involving commercial vehicles, such as taxis, shuttles or large trucks, the company that operates the vehicle may share liability, though an individual driver may still be at fault if they acted negligently.
  • A transportation agency or private company – Trains and other transit vehicles can all cause serious accidents, and their significant size and weight can be devastating to motorists.
  • A city or municipality – In accident cases involving unsafe road conditions or public vehicles such as buses, a government entity may be legally responsible for damages. In one of our many successful accident claims, we secured a $9 million settlement from the state of California for injuries caused by dangerous highway design.

In many cases, liability may be split between two or more parties based on their respective degrees of fault. Because the apportionment of fault has meaningful implications for the financial outcome of a case – and, therefore, your recovery – it is essential that your lawyers be experienced in investigating accidents and demonstrating that other parties are at fault.

What if I contributed to the accident? It is impossible to know what the law has to say about your case unless you have discussed the accident in detail with an attorney. Before you know the entire story, it is impossible to make an assessment of fault. Even if you do share the fault for an accident, it is possible to recoup some of your losses. It is important that you contact an attorney to learn about your rights and options.

At Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, our experience in this area sets us apart. As shown by our numerous successful verdict and settlements in car accident claims, our attorneys know how to assess what happened, determine who is legally responsible and hold that party accountable.

In our decades of collective experience, we have answered countless questions from prospective clients. Visit our Car Accident FAQ to learn more, then contact our office at 310-576-1200 to arrange a free consultation.

The Evidence It Takes to Win

We Have the Resources to Get Results

Most personal injury firms cannot afford the expense of gathering and presenting the type of high-caliber, customized trial evidence that some car accident cases require. Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, can and does because we understand that persuasive, firsthand evidence of wrongdoing is a powerful way to make an impact on juries.

We maintain an evidence warehouse where we secure and analyze evidence, including storage of damaged vehicles in a safe and guarded location. We often conduct post-crash examinations, striation tests, and design and mechanical reviews of damaged and exemplar models.

From this evidence we sometimes create crash scene reenactments, build models and produce live trial demonstrations, which often play a pivotal role in securing a favorable outcome from a jury. Juries and judges are able to see how the traffic accident occurred and how better designs could have prevented a victim’s paralysis, brain damage or death.

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Previous car accident victories permit us to fund cases like yours. As contingency-fee lawyers, we bear the upfront costs and risks of litigation and trial, not our clients. We only receive a fee and recover our costs if the victim obtains financial compensation from their car accident lawsuit.

To speak to us about your car accident claim, please contact us online or call our office at 310-576-1200. From offices in Santa Monica, we represent clients in the Los Angeles area and throughout Southern California and the entire state. We also consult with attorneys and clients nationwide.