GB&W Obtains $15 Million Verdict for Man Injured in a DUI Accident

Attorneys with Greene Broillet & Wheeler secured a $15 million verdict against a property management company for a DUI accident involving an employee.

A Los Angeles jury found property management company First Service Residential California, LLC responsible for the acts of an employee who drove intoxicated, resulting in a serious car accident which injured Plaintiff Tomislav George. Broillet argued at trial that the driver, Lance Sandman, was in the scope of his job as a property manager for a Pasadena condominium complex. George was on the Prado Homeowner’s Association board. George contended that Sandman took Mr. George to an Irish bar on St. Patrick’s Day to scout ideas for a St. Patrick’s Day Party. Sandman became intoxicated and was driving George home when the accident happened. Defendant claimed that this was a social meeting and was not related to business. Sandman had been convicted of DUI six months after being hired by First Service in 2007, and had not told his employer. Broillet produced evidence that Sandman should have been registered in a DMV “Pull Program” before the date of the accident which would have told the employer about his DUI and resulted in either termination or restricted driving privileges.

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