In the News: Jane Doe vs. City of San Diego

Jane Doe was the courageous first victim to report San Diego Police Officer Anthony Arevalos’ misconduct. Her Federal Civil Rights lawsuit stemmed from a sexual assault that happened inside a 7-Eleven bathroom on March 8, 2011, after Jane Doe was driving in San Diego’s Gaslight district and was stopped by Officer Arevalos, an 18-year veteran officer with the San Diego Police Department. As a result of Jane Doe’s immediate report of the crime, Officer Arevalos was criminally charged and convicted of multiple crimes involving multiple victims including Jane Doe. In Doe’s case, the jury found Arevalos guilty of sexual battery by restraint, asking for a bribe, assault and battery by a peace officer and misdemeanor false imprisonment. Jane Doe sued the City of San Diego, as well as Officer Arevalos and a number of his supervisors. Part of her motivation for her lawsuit was so that no one else would be a victim of Arevalos, or an officer like him.

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