Tire Defect Case Results

Frankl v. Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. Confidential Settlement

US Air Force captain traveling in Saudi Arabia in GMC Suburban. The truck's Goodyear LRE tires unraveled, causing the vehicle to roll over two-and-one half times. Crash killed Frankl along with others in the SUV. Tires had a history of malfunctioning and causing high death tolls because they were fitted on high -occupancy vehicles like large SUVs.

Logan v. Ford and Firestone Confidential Settlement

Record settlement achieved on behalf of a family members who were in a Ford Explorer that was in a rollover accident after a Firestone tire suffered a tread separation. The tires were later recalled by Firestone. The Firm participated in groundbreaking depositions of Ford witnesses including former CEO Jacques Nasser and current CEO William Clay Ford, Jr.

De La Torre v. Cooper Tire Company Confidential Settlement

Tire tread separation rollover accident of a Ford truck that involved the death of several people.

Mathews v. Goodyear Confidential Settlement

Brian Mathews, a former LAPD bomb squad officer, was injured in a crash involving his GM Suburban after the failure of a Goodyear Load Range E tire. The tread on the Goodyear tire separated, causing a loss of control and rollover. Mathews was ejected from the vehicle and suffered a spinal cord injury and is now a paraplegic. Discovery on the case led to a defect investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration into the Goodyear LRE tires and the company voluntarily recalled many LRE tires.

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