Motor Vehicle Injury Case Results

Sanchez v. County of San Bernardino Verdict: $36.1 million

A young girl hit by a car while running across the street for her school bus. The jury found that the bus driver and bus company were negligent for not reporting an intersection that they knew was dangerous.

Doe Individual v. Doe Corporation Settlement: $32.5 million

Passenger in vehicle which was struck by another vehicle causing catastrophic intestinal injuries including loss of function of most of digestive track.

Pogosyan v. Metropolitan Transit Authority Verdict: $22 million

During a wrongful MTA police pursuit, woman struck by a car and pinned by the vehicle. Resulting injury led to partial leg amputation and a crush injury to the other leg.

Garcia v. Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Verdict: $13.820 million

Joseph Garcia was a 56-year old unemployed passenger on an LACMTA bus, when that bus struck a parked car transportation carrier. Mr. Garcia was thrown around the interior of the bus and suffered a subdural hematoma resulting in severe brain damage and hemiplegia of his left side.

Doe Individual v. Doe Corporation Settlement: $10 million

Plaintiff was severely brain injured in an automobile accident when the auto driven by her mother was broadsided by an oncoming vehicle. The mother was using a cell phone and speaking with her employer at the time of the collision. The plaintiff had to re-establish that her mother was in the course and scope of her employment at the time of the accident.

Brezovec v. State of California Verdict: $8.8 million

Severe brain injury to a 14-year-old girl who was a passenger in a vehicle struck by a truck on a 4H sponsored camping trip.

Quezda v. Motor Coach Industries Verdict: $8.15 million

The wrongful death of a wife/mother who was struck by an unattended chartered bus at a school picnic. Decedent died while saving the life of a three-year-old child.

Cueto v Braun Settlement: $7 million

Tractor Trailer vs. Automobile collision resulting in the amputation of the left arm and Traumatic Brain Injury to 47 year old man.

Cellamare v. Laidlaw Verdict: $5.6 million

Woman struck by Laidlaw school bus while in a crosswalk. Resulting injuries included fractures of both femurs, the right tibia and right ankle.

Doe Individual v. Doe City Settlement: $5.14 million

Mother was hit by an on-duty police officer and ejected from her vehicle. She received severe brain injury from the incident.

Choi v. State of California Settlement: $5 million

A young homemaker and mother suffered serious head trauma while a passenger in a car that was struck by a Caltrans vehicle.

Grill v. City of Los Angeles Settlement: $4.5 million

Collision at Los Angeles International Airport involving a police vehicle and an airline tug.

Scholz v. State of California Verdict: $3.7 million

Road design case against the State of California for the death of a young boy and the loss of a leg to his father. They were riding on a motorcycle when a driver crossed the center median and struck them.

Damron v. Laidlaw Settlement: $3.67 million

Plaintiff severely injured after a school bus, operated by a private contractor, failed to yield to oncoming traffic. Injury to brain, facial paralysis, fractured hip and multiple other personal injuries sustained.

Staley v. Metropolitan Transit Authority Settlement: $3.2 million

Twenty-one year old pedestrian, a UCLA graduate student, suffered traumatic brain injuries after being struck by MTA bus.

McKinzie v. Timely Transportation Verdict: $2.7 million

Decedent Bruce McKinzie pulled over on the shoulder of the road, two feet north of the fog line, approximately 30 miles west of Blythe, CA. He was attempting to tie down a loose tarp on his flatbed trailer when he was struck by defendant Mitchell Lee Kirkwood who was employed by defendant Timely Transportation, Inc. and driving a conventional freightliner. Bruce McKinzie died at the scene.

Doe Individual v. Doe Corporation Settlement: $2.45 million

Route driver struck individual in an unmarked crosswalk. Plaintiff suffered orthopedic injuries.

Doe Family v. Doe Individuals Settlement: $2.25 million

An immigrant security guard was struck and killed by a vehicle driven by an underage female as he was guarding a construction site.

Doe Celebrity v. Doe Individual Confidential Settlement: $2.25 million

Minor automobile collision resulting in heart attack and the death of the celebrity.

Doe Individual v. Doe Celebrity Settlement: $2.1 million

Celebrity driver struck woman in crosswalk causing orthopedic and closed head injuries.

Perez v. MTA Settlement: $1.5 million

Thirty-five-year-old woman struck by bus.

Nelder v. Oshmans Sporting Goods Verdict: $1 million

Twenty-year-old woman was involved in a reverse rear-end accident with an employee of Oshmans in the store's parking lot. Victim suffered a disruption of previously fused L4-L5 and L5-S1 discs. Plaintiff had to establish that the Oshmans' employee who had allegedly "clocked out" for lunch was in the course and scope of his employment at the time of the accident.

Mehdipour v. City of Santa Monica: Verdict $2.6 million

80 year old man who was trying to catch a bus had his left arm run over resulting in amputation.

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