Defective Products Case Results

Mauro v. Ford Motor Company Verdict: $73 million

A Sacramento jury found Ford Motor Company responsible to the victims of a rollover crash involving a Ford E350 15 passenger van that experienced a tread separation. The jury found that the 15 passenger vans were dangerously defective and susceptible to loss of control from a tread separation. The jury also determined that Ford had information from its tire supplier, Goodyear, about defective tires that had been installed on the vans, but failed to provide information to owners of the 15 Passenger Vans that the defective Goodyear tires needed to be replaced. The jury’s award included $50 million in punitive damages in addition to $23 million in compensatory damages to the victims of the crash. Greene, Broillet & Wheeler partner Christine Spagnoli represented the family of driver Bill Brownell and injured passenger Alex Bessonov. Sacramento attorney Roger Dreyer, of the Dreyer, Babich, Buccola and Wood firm represented Tony Mauro’s widow, Susan Mauro and their children Cody and Michael Mauro.

Sein v. Aston Martin Lagonda Confidential Settlement

Wrongful death claim on behalf of the widow and three children of Dr. Michael Sein, an Orange County anesthesiologist, who died as a result of manufacturing and design defects in the driver’s seat of his 2004 Aston Martin DB9. After the DB9 was rear-ended, the driver’s seat collapsed causing fatal head injuries when Dr. Sein was thrown backward and struck his head.

Bartoli v. Hanson Settlement: $7.8 million

Young worker’s leg was amputated by defectively designed and manufactured floating rock grinding machine.

Lampley v. Sulzer Ltd. Confidential Settlement

Sportscaster Jim Lampley received a defective hip implant that had to be surgically removed. Suit alleged orthopedic manufacturers knew about the faulty device, which was eventually recalled after Lampley received it.

Rapan v. Dorel Juvenile Group, Cosco and Daimler Chrysler Confidential Settlement

Settlement obtained on behalf of a child who suffered a devastating spinal cord injury. Two-and-a-half-year-old Isaiah Rapan was injured in a crash while secured in a Cosco Grand Explorer shield booster seat in the rear seat of his parent’s Jeep Cherokee. GB&W attorneys established that the booster seat and the Jeep car seat were poorly designed and caused Isaiah’s injuries.

Doe Individual v. Doe Manufacturer Settlement: $5.5 million

Man received brain injury when morphine pump malfunctioned and caused entire contents of pump to dispense into plaintiff’s body.

Lee v. Ford Motor Company Verdict: $5 million

Professor Sang Mook Lee was rendered a quadriplegic when the Ford E350 van he was driving rolled over. GB&W proved to a jury that the design of the roof was inadequate, and that the design defect caused Dr. Lee’s injuries.

Doe Individual v. John Doe Corporation Settlement: $2.75 million

Woman received severe burns after the arc of an electric blanket ignited a fire in the house.

Doe Individual v. Doe Corporation Settlement: $2.4 million

A woman was severely burned when the gas dryer placed on the ground in her garage caused the ignition of flammable vapors.

Symes v. Hitachi Verdict: $1.3 million

Mitre saw with defective safety guard severely injured homeowner’s hand.

Canela v. Tom’s Vending Company Settlement: $1 million

Plaintiff opened the door of a microwave oven at mid-cycle to rotate his food. The interlock system failed and caused deep burns to the nerves and muscles of plaintiff’s major hand.

Doe Family v. Doe Corporation Settlement: $1.1 million

Parents brought a products liability action when their young daughter died of asphyxiation after becoming entangled in a mini blind cord.

Doe v Doe Bicycle: Settlement $2.3 million

Seat Clip broke while man was riding his bicycle causing head and neck injuries.