Ownership Dispute Case Results

Chae v. Kim Verdict: $12.3 million

Plaintiff proved that he was the rightful owner of a $12.3 million lottery ticket through evidence that clearly showed that each number on the winning lottery ticket had special significance and that the sequence of numbers were the ones that he always played.

Farraj v. Gurinder Ruby and Circle K Stores, Inc. Verdict: $8 million

An employee bought a lottery ticket from the store where she worked, but instead of informing her that she had won $8 million, her boss tried to claim the winnings for himself. She recovered the full value of the stolen lottery ticket as well as related damages.

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Our passion stems from the impact we make in our communities.  We understand that our clients not only seek compensation, but also want to ensure others don’t have to have their experience.  Our litigation impacts change by making crosswalks safer for children, roads safer for bicyclists, cars safer to drive on, machinery safer for workers, safer communities.

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