Lottery Ticket Fraud

Lottery Ticket Ownership Disputes

Everyone who has ever purchased a lottery ticket has harbored dreams of striking the jackpot. Imagine if you purchased the winning ticket, only to have your rightful winnings denied.

The attorneys of Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, have successfully represented clients in several lottery ticket ownership disputes that resulted in multimillion-dollar verdicts for our clients.

$12.3 Million Verdict

In once such case, we proved that our client was the rightful owner of the winning ticket by providing evidence that each number on the ticket had special significance to him and that he always selected the same numbers in the same sequences every time he purchased lottery tickets. The jury agreed and awarded our client $12.3 million in damages.

$8 Million Verdict

Another lottery ticket ownership dispute involved a Circle K convenience store employee who purchased a lottery ticket at her workplace. The next day, her boss told her she had won $88 and paid her that amount. The boss then collected for himself the true value of the ticket: $8 million.

When she learned of the fraud and complained, our client was put on administrative leave and eventually lost her job. Our lawyers proved that our client was the rightful owner of the ticket and recovered the full value of the jackpot and other, related damages.

If you are involved in a lottery ticket ownership dispute, please contact Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP. From offices in Santa Monica, we represent clients in the Los Angeles area, throughout Southern California and the entire state. We also consult with attorneys and clients nationwide.