Property Claims

Holding Insurance Companies Responsible for Engaging in Bad Faith on Property Claims

When your property is damaged, you look to your insurance company to cover your losses and make you whole. In too many instances, insurance companies use a number of tactics to deny or unreasonably delay payment on otherwise valid claims. These tactics can cause far-reaching damage to a business or an individual. If your insurance company has failed to live up to the terms of your policy, they may be acting in bad faith. In these situations, a lawyer can be vital in presenting your claim to recover the damages you have incurred.

Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, represents individuals and businesses who have suffered significant financial losses due to an insurance company’s bad faith practices. Based in Santa Monica, our law firm serves clients in the Los Angeles area, across Southern California and beyond.

Bad Faith Insurance Practices Can Destroy a Business

When a property belonging to a business is severely damaged, businesses look to their business interruption insurance to cover losses. This coverage is vital to allowing a business to continue operations. If the insurance company denies or delays a valid claim, it can threaten the very future of a company. Homeowners can suffer similar losses when an insurance company fails to promptly pay a claim.

At GB&W, our law firm will calculate your full measure of damages and bring a claim against your insurance company for their bad faith. Our work in this field serves a number of purposes. Our first priority is always to give our clients the best possible chance at recovering the damages they are entitled to. Secondly, by holding insurance companies accountable, we can force these companies to live up to the terms of their contracts and prevent future claimants from going through similar kinds of misery.

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