Christine Spagnoli for AAJ Parliamentarian 2019

"I am humbled of the support for my candidacy from these accomplished lawyers" - Christine D. Spagnoli A Message From Past Presidents
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Why We are Endorsing Chris Spagnoli for Parliamentarian

We have known and worked with Chris Spagnoli for decades. Over the past 25 years she has proven to be one of the best trial lawyers in the United States, with major courtroom experience and success. She has a history of successful leadership of three large trial lawyer associations, having served as President of CAALA (Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles), CAOC (Consumer Attorneys of California), and AIEG (Attorneys Information Exchange Group).
She has also been an AAJ activist for many years, having served on our board and many committees.

Most importantly, we have seen Chris in action as a thoughtful and astute advocate in the political and lobbying arena. When the General Motors/Chrysler bailout was working its way through Congress with overwhelming Democratic support, Chris provided extraordinary leadership in the campaign to retain compensation rights for injured victims and consumers – an effort that required raising over $1M and encouraging key members of congress to hold hearings that influenced the successful outcome.

Chris has proven record of accomplishment and leadership we can count on. Chris is also a modest person who is not one to boast about her many accomplishments and leadership skills – which is all the more reason we felt compelled to send this letter. Please join us in voting for Chris for AAJ Parliamentarian at the Annual Meeting this summer in San Diego.


Mark Mandell, AAJ President 1999-2000
Leo Boyle, AAJ President 2001-02
Mary Alexander, AAJ President 2002-03
Dave Casey, Jr., AAJ President 2003-04
Todd Smith, AAJ President 2004-05
Ken Suggs, AAJ President 2005-06
Mike Eidson, AAJ President 2006-07
Kathleen Flynn Petersen, 2007-08
Les Weisbrod, AAJ President 2008-09
Anthony Tarricone, AAJ President 2009-10
Gary Paul, AAJ President, 2011-12
Mary Alice McLarty, AAJ President 2012-13
Larry Tawwater, AAJ President, 2015-16
Julie Braman Kane, AAJ President, 2016-17
(partial list of supporters)

Any endorsement contained in this email is being made on behalf of the individual acting in his or her own capacity.

Robert L. Habush Habush Habush & Rottier, S.C. Milwaukee, WI

“The success of AAJ over the last several decades has been due, substantially, to the commitment of its leadership to the protection of consumer rights. Chris Spagnoli has clearly dedicated her career to this cause, having served as President of the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA), the Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC) and the Attorneys Information Exchange Group (AIEG). She has also dedicated her time and energy as an active and effective member of AAJ. Most important, Chris has carried that commitment into the courtroom, becoming one of the most successful trial lawyers in the nation, representing the seriously injured in courts throughout Country. Leadership requires a full understanding of what we do as trial lawyers and what is necessary to advance the cause of the seriously injured. Chris Spagnoli has these traits and I am happy to endorse her as the next Parliamentarian of AAJ.”

Stewart Eisenberg Eisenberg Rothweiler Philadelphia, PA

“I am so proud to have known Chris for more than 20 years and to now enthusiastically endorse her for Parliamentarian of AAJ. I am a Past President of PAJ, PTLA, Lawyers for Consumer Rights and have served on the Board of Governors of AAJ and the Board of Directors of AIEG. I have always been impressed with Chris’ tireless and unwavering dedication to our cause, no matter what the obstacles. AAJ could not have a better lawyer or advocate representing our interests in Washington and throughout the country.”

Leslie M Kroeger Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“Chris is an amazing trial lawyer and true leader. Happy to lend my support. Florida Justice Association President (2019-2020)”

Bryan Pope The Cochran Firm Dallas, TX

“I am an AAJ Governor from Texas and former President of the Dallas Trial Lawyers and long-time Director on the Board of the Texas Trial Lawyers with service as PAC Chair and Vice-President of Political Affairs. I am impressed by the incredible resume that Chris brings to AAJ leadership. She is truly a “Trial Lawyers” trial lawyer as seen by her victories in the Courtroom and success in working the halls of DC and California to protect consumer rights. As a former President of CAALA, CAOC and AIEG, there is no doubt that Chris has the support and confidence of her peers and the requisite leadership experience to be primed to lead our great national trial lawyer group into battle.”

Scott Sumner Sumner Law Walnut Creek

“Chris is a truly gifted and dedicated advocate, not merely in the courtroom (though few can touch her there), but in the legislatures in California and DC, and in key places such as the California committee on jury instructions.

I have had the honor and privilege of seeing her work both in case work and the California State Legislature, and have heard her speak at countless continuing education seminars. Chris is a truly gifted and dedicated advocate, not merely in the courtroom (though few can touch her there), but in the legislatures in California and DC, and in key places such as the California committee on jury instructions”

Ted Kramer Kramer & Vangel Brattleboro, Vt.

“Very dedicated and always available to help other attorneys.”

Sharon Arkin The Arkin Law Firm Brookings, OR

“We are all very lucky that Chris decided to start up the AAJ ladder. She is a dedicated warrior for our clients, our firms and our profession. Chris is strong and direct with no interest other than what’s best for AAJ, its members and their clients. We could not do better.”

Natasha Hanna Law Office of Natasha M. Hanna, P.C. Myrtle Beach, SC

“I have had the tremendous honor of working with Chris on a products liability case and stand in awe of her achievements. I came to AAJ in 2001 as a young lawyer and recall many of the great trial lawyers I met and looked up to for guidance and inspiration. Although I am years past fitting into the young lawyer category, I am thankful that AAJ still enlists great ones to lead our organization. Chris is a calm spirited, proven leader who I know would bode well for AAJ and its members. I believe that she is an excellent choice for Parlamentarian based on her incredible accomplishments, her career success and her determination to lead . I currently serve on multiple Boards and SC trial lawyers organizations and know that leadership is the key to organization mission and success. Chris is the logical choice to lead that charge for AAJ.”

John Girardi Girardi Keese Los Angeles

“No one has devoted more of themselves to advance the cause of maintaining the right to trial by jury and steadfastly advocating the rights of all plaintiffs.”

Steve Maher The Maher Law Firm, P.A. Winter Park, FL

“I have known Chris for over 30 years. At this critical time in our profession, we need true trial lawyers with true trial experience leading AAJ. Chris epitomizes just what it means to be a trial lawyer. Her experience trying cases throughout her long career is truly impressive. I consider Chris a trial lawyer’s trial lawyer, and I unequivocally support her for AAJ parliamentarian.”

Thadd J. Llaurado Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“I am very honored to endorse Christine Spagnoli. I have known her for over 25 years. She is not only an excellent trial lawyer of the highest ethical standards but also a tireless advocate for the rights of injured people. She will make an excellent AAJ Parliamentarian.”

Michael Withey Seattle

“I am so pleased to endorse Chris Spagnoli for Parliamentarian. We need her dynamic and experienced leadership to lead the AAJ in these perilous times. Go Chris!!”

David M. Arbogast Arbogast Law San Carlos, CA

“I have known Chris ever since my first year as a lawyer. I have seen Chris’ stellar leadership skills as President of Consumer Attorney’s of California and have personally witnessed Chris’ commitment and dedication to the plaintiff’s bar throughout my over 20 years of practice. I wholeheartedly endorse Chris for AAJ leadership.”

Randy Barnhart Keating Wagner Polidori Free Denver, Colorado

“I cannot imagine a more qualified candidate for Parliamentarian. I have worked with Chris for 20 years on product liability matters of national importance. I cannot think of anyone who has contributed more to the interests of persons injured by dangerous products. She is truly inspirational.”

M. Lawrence Lallande, Sr. Lallande Law PlC Long Beach, CA

“Christine Spagnoli has what it takes to lead AAJ. I have worked with Christine on the CAOC executive committee for 3 years and I have been on the CAOC and CAALA Boards during her Presidencies. I have also been an AAJ State Delegate. I am not sure I have ever seen a better prepared candidate for this role. Christine has shown depth of leadership and tireless commitment to preserving the access to justice for our clients.”

Jeffrey Breit Breit Drescher Virginia Beach Virginia

“Have always known Christine for her passion , hard work and clear thinking . Will do a great job for AAJ and comes with great experience and knowledge of our history.”

Antony Stuart Stuart Law Firm Los Angeles

“I’ve known Chris for 35 years, worked with her, served with her, and watched her with admiration and awe. There could be no better leader for AAJ. She’s got the intellect, the experience, and the leadership talent we need!”

Sidney W Gilreath Gilreath and Associates Knoxville

“Happy to endorse Chris. She has given a lot of her time and talent to AAJ over the years. We welcome her as one of our leaders.”

Mindy Bish Bish Law Newhall

“When I was unsure as to whether being a trial attorney was for me Chris told me I could do it and welcomed me in. I will never forget her kindness and willingness to just say hello”

Ronnie L. Crosby Peters Murdaugh Hampton SC

“Chris is a fantastic trial lawyer and a great leader. She did a fantastic job as the leader of AIEG. Chris has long been a stalwart for the causes of our clients. AAJ would greatly benefit by having Chris in the leadership”

Charles Roseman Law Offices of Charles S. Roseman & Asso San Diego, CA

“I am honored to endorse Chris for AAJ Parliamentarian. She has been and will continue to be a superior local and national leading consumer advocate and trial lawyer. She has spend countless hours during her wonderful career volunteering her time to the functioning of our professional organizations, legal education, and fighting to make a better and safer way of life for her clients, the public at large, and the legal profession.”

Robert Piering Piering Law Firm Sacramento, CA

“I am pleased to endorse Chris’ candidacy for AAJ Parliamentarian. Chris is a bold champion of consumer protection and advocacy and is just the kind of level headed person that AAJ needs to lead its member into the future. Her experience both in and out of the courtroom is vast and diverse and gives her the practical and technical experience that AAJ needs to continue to grow and ensure that the interests of consumers are regionally and nationally recognized. I cannot say enough good about her as a person and advocate.”

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