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Flashlights recalled after causing burns

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An injury that is caused by burning or scalding can be one of the most painful injuries. A burn can be very damaging to skin and, in more serious cases, muscles and blood vessels. Even minor burns can cause long-term effects. Burn injuries that are sustained after using a defective product can be very dangerous.

Many California shoppers unknowingly picked up a hazardous product when shopping at Target in the past few months. The product, officials say, has caused a number of burns. Target has since recalled the dangerous product.

The product that triggered the recall is a six-piece set of flashlights of varying sizes. People are being warned that when the flashlights are turned on, they can heat up, smoke and melt certain materials. There have been two reports of the product burning consumers’ hands and are considered to be fire hazards.

It has not been specified what exactly triggers the burns, but the product is made out of plastic and rubber. These types of materials can melt and burn quite easily without proper protection.

Target agreed to recall about 55,000 of the defective items and will provide a full refund for anyone who returns them to a store. They were sold exclusively at Target stores around the country.

A person who suffers a burn injury may require several reconstructive surgeries to repair the damage and may need cosmetic surgery as well. Scars that are the result of burns often last a lifetime. Someone who has experienced a chemical, electrical, thermal or other type of burn as a result of using a substandard product may be able to seek compensation for the damage.

Source: KABC-TV, “Target recalls 6-piece LED flashlight sets due to fire hazards,” Jan. 6, 2012

Felony charges filed in UCLA burn accident

Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles California

In 2008, a lab research associate at University of California Los Angeles was working on an experiment in the lab. After a highly reactive chemical spilled, it caught on fire and caused a serious, and ultimately fatal, burn accident. According to charges that have recently been filed, the victim’s family is holding UCLA and the student’s chemistry professor responsible.

The young student was working with a chemical that may have been unfamiliar to her. The professor stated that he did not check with her to make sure she understood the risks and hazards of working with the reactant. According to reports, the professor also did not provide adequate safety training or protective attire for students working the lab.

When the chemical spilled on the young student, it caught fire and left the girl severely burned. She suffered second-degree and third-degree burns on nearly half of her body. Sadly, she died from the injuries 18 days later.

After an intense investigation into UCLA safety procedures by the Occupational Safety and Health Standards organization, felony charges were brought against UCLA and the chemistry professor. According to the report, both parties exhibited negligence.

Representatives for UCLA have stated that the felony charges against them are outrageous. They ended up paying some fines, and OSHA ultimately concluded that UCLA did not willfully violate safety standards. Since the charges, however, the victim’s family has stated that they would like the organization punished to the fullest extent. UCLA administration took no steps to correct hazardous conditions in previous injuries. Had they been more responsible, the family says, their loved one may still be alive.

It is unknown what will happen in this case. Will a jury be responsible for deciding who was at fault? Will the sides come to an agreement? If they do decide to come to an agreement, what will the punishment be? Who will be the one punished?

Burn injuries are some of the most painful injuries a person can sustain. The causes and long-term effects of a burn vary widely. Reactions may range from minor to fatal. In many cases when a product is defective or a person has been negligent, the resulting burns may cause scars that last a lifetime. Holding the responsible parties accountable for causing the burns may prevent the situation from happening again.

Source: EHS Today, “Felony Charges Sought in UCLA Lab Assistant Death,” Laura Walter, Jan. 26, 2012

Explosion at Los Angeles set results in serious burns to stunt man

Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles California

Most of us love to watch movies. In fact, one of the most traditional dates is dinner and a movie. We watch as the hero saves the victim in a dangerous situation, but few of us think about what went into the filming of the movie. Stunt men and women go to work each day and assume a certain amount of risk by definition of their job, which is why it is so important that employers keep the workplace safe for these men and women.

The Los Angeles Fire Department was called to the set of a movie being filmed in the city after an explosion left a stunt man with serious burn injuries suffered in the event.

The workplace accident occurred on Friday, Feb. 17. The filming was being done on a set that was located in the Elysian Park area on West Academy Road. The explosion occurred at approximately 2:40 in the afternoon. When firefighters responded to the report of the explosion, they found the injured stunt man lying on the ground. Emergency paramedics were also called to the scene to treat the man’s injuries. After stabilizing the injured stunt man, they transported him to a hospital in the area. Doctors reported shortly after the accident that the man was in critical condition.

The circumstances surrounding the explosion are under investigation as officials attempt to determine what caused the explosion. A spokesman for the fire department said that the man may have been using black powder at his job when the accident occurred.

No matter what kind of accident occurs, those who suffer burns at the hands of a negligent party have the right to seek compensation for their injuries.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, “Stunt man burned in explosion in LA,” Feb. 17, 2012

California manufacturer recall due to burn injury reports

Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles California

A California-based manufacturer faced significant product recalls due to manufacturing flaws. The manufacturing flaws in the coffee maker created unexpected events that lead to the product spraying consumers with hot liquid.

The affected consumers received severe burns as a result of the product malfunction. The malfunction led to 140 reports of the product spraying consumers and 37 reports of second degree burns. Although many consumers were identified as burn victims, some burn victims received severe burn injuries to their face.

The reported facial burn injuries happened to two children from Canada and Minnesota, but this type of burn accident could affect all consumers including Los Angeles-based consumers. Both of the burn victims received second degree facial burns. The first burn victim was a 10-year-old girl from Minnesota. The 10-year-old girl was hospitalized as a result of the second degree burns she received on her neck and face. The second burn victim was a 2-year-old girl from Canada. She too received facial burns.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that the product that caused the injuries to these consumers was the Tassimo brewer. The consumer reports indicated the injuries were caused by both the Tassimo Espresso T Discs and Tassimo Single-Cup Brewers.

The Tassimo Espresso T Discs — which are used in the Tassimo systems — were causing personal injury to consumers when the discs would break and spray liquid that caused the burns. The Tassimo brewer recalls were a result of the T Discs recalls. The potential for personal injury to consumers and bystanders led the company to institute these massive recalls.

Source: Beverage Daily, “Kraft says ‘sorry’ to burn victims after defective Tassimo systems spray hot coffee,” Ben Bouckley, Feb. 27, 2012

Firefighters save man with burn injuries from house fire

Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles California

Fires are dangerous and can cause an immense amount of damage to its victims and their property. Burn injuries are very painful and cause both physical and emotional pain for the victims. Recently a house fire caused life-threatening burn injuries to a man. Although this incident did not happen in California, house fires have the potential to occur in any area.

Local firefighters responded to an emergency call at approximately 4:27 p.m. The emergency call requested firefighter assistance for a house fire. The house that was on fire was a multifamily house and had multiple residents in the house. Two of the house residents were able to flee from the house without injury, but one resident was trapped in the burning house.

After the firefighters arrived at the location of the house fire, they were able to extract one of the residents from the house and carried him down an exterior stairway. The man extracted by the firefighters suffers from burn injuries that were categorized as life-threatening and he continues to be in critical care in a local hospital.

It has been determined that the fire started in one of the rooms in the house, but the cause of the fire is still being investigated. It was reported the house fire was not the result of criminal activity but could still have been caused by negligence. Although there may not be any criminal culpability for the house fire, the victim may still be entitled to damages related to his burn injuries. Burn victims incur physical, emotional and financial damages from what are considered very serious and painful injuries. The victims may be entitled to financial recovery for the damages that are caused by another’s negligence.

Source:, “Norwich burn victim remains critical,” Greg Smith, April 5, 2012

California woman suffers burns on 25 percent of her body

Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles California

A California woman was recently burned terribly after an accident in her home.

The 52-year-old Vallejo resident was trying to light a fire in her fireplace when she somehow lit herself on fire. It is estimated that she has burn injuries on about 25 percent of her body.

The woman ran to the bathroom and tried to extinguish the flames herself, but this did not have the desired effect. She was taken to a hospital in Vallejo and her present condition is not known.

At this point, we do not know what happened to cause this terrible incident, but obviously something was amiss because people do not normally get so badly burned when lighting a fire.

It is possible that this woman did something ill-advised in lighting the fire and so is to blame, but is also possible that there is some other factor at play. Perhaps the fireplace was poorly designed, or the woman was using some sort of lighter or artificial log that malfunctioned and caused her burns. If the latter scenario is true, the woman could be able to sue and seek recompense for her injuries.

Either way, the woman faces an uphill battle as she tries to recover from the burns. Burn injuries are terrible because they compromise a victim’s immune system and leave him or her vulnerable to infection. Even once that risk is over, there is the issue of scarring and the chance that because of the burns, the person will never be able to resume a normal life. On top of that, a burn victim may feel self-conscious about his or her appearance if plastic surgery is not an option, which it sometimes is not.

Source: The San Jose Mercury News, “Vallejo woman hospitalized after setting herself on fire while trying to light fireplace,” April 23, 2012

Badly burned Santa Barbara couple settles lawsuit for $6 million

Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles California

A Santa Barbara couple recently settled a lawsuit against the owners of a nearby parcel of property whom they claim were negligent and allowed a fire to start on the property and spin out of control.

The man and woman suffered third-degree burns when they were unable to escape the subsequent wildfire. They claim they have each had to undergo dozens of surgeries and have racked up nearly $4.6 million in medical costs. They were able to settle their suit for $6 million.

The couple alleges that the owner of the parcel of property near their home knew that college students and young people frequently gathered amid the abandoned structures to have bonfires. In 2008, one of those bonfires went out of control and started what became known as the Tea Garden Fire (the parcel of property where it started was known as the Tea Garden). The fire went on to consume 210 homes and hurt more than 25 people.

The man and woman also have pending lawsuits against the 10 college students they believe started the fire. They settled their lawsuit against the owner of their rented home for $1 million.

We do not know the extent of this couple’s injuries, but we are happy they have received some remuneration. Not being able to escape a raging wildfire must be a terrifying ordeal, and you do not incur almost $5 million in medical costs without the injuries being devastating. Burn injuries tend to be very difficult to treat, so we wish this couple the best as they continue their long journey to recovery.

Source: The Los Angeles Times, “Couple get $6-million settlement in 2008 Santa Barbara County fire,” Kim Christensen, May 2, 2012

San Clemente woman burned by mysterious San Onofre beach rocks

Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles California

All of Southern California seems to be talking about the strange incident that befell a San Clemente resident last weekend. The 43-year-old woman sustained second- and third-degree burns when the seven beach rocks she had gathered at San Onofre State Beach inexplicably combusted in her pocket.

Yes, that’s right — rocks combusted in her pocket.

Now, obviously, these cannot just be any sort of rock. After they burned a hole in the woman’s pocket, they continued to burn the wooden floor of her house and burned her husband’s hands as he tried to help his wife. Clearly, these “rocks” were something strange and unusual.

But what? No one is sure right now, but what remains of the rocks are being tested by Orange County health officials. At the moment, it is believed the rocks contained phosphorous, a highly flammable substance and that the friction of the rocks rubbing against one another in the woman’s pocket caused them to ignite.

It’s possible that these rocks are some sort of strange-yet-natural substance, but given what we know so far, it is also possible that they are some sort of material that a person irresponsibly lost track of or tried to dispose of illegally by dumping on a deserted beach. If that were the case, this woman might be able to seek recompense for her injuries against whomever disposed of these “rocks” in such an unethical manner that an innocent person was able to find them and be hurt by them.

Source: The Los Angeles Times, “Beach rocks that burst into flames in O.C. woman’s pocket tested,” May 17, 2012

Burn Injuries: Causation, Compensation

Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles California

What Causes burn Injuries?

Burn injuries are the result of a wide variety of accidents, including:

  • Car accidents/auto fires
  • Defective household products
  • Hot liquid spills
  • Explosions, including at construction sites and industrial settings
  • Electrical mishaps, especially from defective products

If someone else’s negligence causes your burn injury, you may be able to recover compensation. The type of lawsuit you bring will depend on the cause. If, for example, you were burned by hot liquid from a hotel faucet, the hotel may be held accountable through a premises liability lawsuit. If your car started on fire, you may be able to bring auto defect litigation against the auto manufacturer.

How Much Money Can I Recover For My Burn Injury?

Like any personal injury, premises liability or product defect case, it is impossible to determine exactly how much money a person will recover after an accident causes a serious burn injury. A number of factors will play a role in your case for compensation, from how the accident occurred to the extent of your injuries and the attorney you hire.

An experienced lawyer can help you evaluate all of the financial damages you have suffered and will suffer as a result of your accident, including:

  • Past medical bills
  • Future medical bills, including rehabilitation costs
  • Living assistance expenses (such as the cost for a personal care assistant)
  • Loss of income
  • The cost of additional life insurance premiums

You may also be able to recover compensation for your emotional damages/emotional distress.

  • Our law firm has recovered compensation for multiple burn injury victims, including a $58 million verdict involving a defective O-ring. Learn more by visiting our pages on compensation for burn injuries.

3 suffer injuries in vehicle fire

Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles California

A tragic accident in California on Sept. 6 left several victims with serious burn injuries after the vehicle in which they were traveling caught on fire. The crash, which occurred on the 60 Freeway near Riverside, occurred when a Lexus rear-ended a Dodge pickup truck that had begun to slow to a stop in the road’s far left lane. Authorities are still not sure whether a mechanical malfunction or other problem was causing the truck to slow down. The Lexus was traveling between 65 and 75 miles per hour when it struck the other vehicle.

The driver of the truck, age 44, and his 29-year-old female passenger were both severely injured when their vehicle caught on fire during the mid-morning wreck. Bystanders who provided initial aid reported that the woman’s entire head was on fire when she finally was removed from the truck. A UPS worker with a fire extinguisher in his vehicle helped smother the flames on her body. That man said the accident was the most horrifying he had ever seen, even though he has been driving commercially for some three decades.

Official reports show the younger female passenger in the truck suffered the worst injuries out of the three people involved in the wreck. She was transported to area medical facilities via helicopter. The driver of the pickup truck also suffered critical injuries and was transported by ambulance. It appears that the driver of the Lexus was also injured, although the extent of those wounds remains unknown.

Burn injuries are among the most life-threatening, long-term wounds, largely because of the risk of infection. Even if a victim is able to emerge from the situation that caused the burns, he or she could die while in care at the hospital. Needless to say, the cost of burn treatment is extraordinarily high. Financial compensation from the at-risk driver could provide some relief to the burn victims in this case.

Source:, “Fiery collision on the 60 Freeway leaves 3 injured” Stephanie Case, Sep. 06, 2013

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