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Burn Injuries: Think Beyond Physical Trauma to the Mental

Burnt piece of toast with a side face cut outSunburn hurts but it’s nothing compared to the pain of a catastrophic burn by fire, electricity, chemicals or a scalding liquid. If a victim survives such severe trauma, the treatment itself can be painful and take years to complete. Optimal recovery from the physical damage might be less than 100 percent.

The physical trauma of burn injury typically receives the most attention. It’s what’s visible after all. The damage that it can wreak on the victim’s mental condition too often is overlooked, even though it can influence the physical healing process. And there can be negative implications for the victim’s relationships with family and friends. Experienced attorneys understand that any compensation claim needs to anticipate costs across the physical and emotional spectrums.

The Reality of Burn Injury PTSD

Most medical experts agree that feeling helpless is common to victims after any form of trauma. It can become magnified, though, for burn victims. The mere prospect of having to undergo repetitive, painful physical treatments can wash away optimism. Just as it’s understood that there are stages of grief, burn care providers have identified that victims must work through certain phases of psychological recovery.

These include:

  • Restoring a sense of safety in the world
  • Mourning loss and incorporating memory of it into one’s story
  • Reconnecting with life

Many readers might recognize that loss of the sense of safety in the world is a key element of post-traumatic stress disorder. Many might be inclined to think PTSD is most prevalent in veterans returning from war, but experts know that’s not so. Any traumatic event – witnessed or endured – that prompts reactions of intense fear, horror or helplessness defines PTSD.

That certainly can be an issue with burn victims. Turning to a skilled attorney is one way of being confident that you will be able to get the care you need from the provider you want.