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Legal Help in the Wake of a Car Accident

Older couple meeting with a businesswomanOne of the amazing things about motor vehicle accidents is that many decades ago, they happened far more frequently and caused far more havoc than they do today. And even knowing that the number of auto accidents — and the deaths tied to those accidents — is staggering. According to the National Safety Council, there were 2.4 million disabling injuries and 44,700 deaths as a result of car accidents in 2006.

What people often don’t thank about beyond the deaths and injuries of these accidents is the financial impact of car accidents. Even for the people who survive serious crashes, the medical mountain they have to climb to get their health back is immense. The bills they must pay to rehabilitate and fully recover from the accident can devastate their finances and their lives.

So when it is provable and verifiable that another driver that was involved the accident actually caused the wreck out of negligence — may it be due to his or her intoxication or because the driver was distracted by a cellphone — then the victims need to consider their legal standing. A personal injury lawsuit could garner them the finances that they need to move past this painful moment in their life.

At Greene Broillet & Wheeler, we have extensive experience with a wide range of accidents that occur out on the road, such as car accidents, truck accidents, bike accidents, and pedestrian accidents — just to name a few.

Consult with us if you have suffered due to a motor vehicle accident.