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Reckless Driving Causes Five Accidents in California

At least 10 cars were involved in a series of car accidents occurring at almost the same time in California last week. A number of people were hospitalized. Negligent or reckless driving, including driving too fast for road conditions, can lead to serious injuries such as spinal cord or brain injuries in a car accident. Luckily, injuries, in this case, were minor.

Police indicated that the situation, taking place soon after the first snow of the season, was actually five different accidents. The combination of all the accidents involved a total of 10 vehicles. According to reports, the accidents were the result of a chain reaction after the first crash occurred. They asserted that the accidents could have been avoided if motorists had driven at speeds appropriate for the snowy highway.

The first accident involved a tour bus and a commercial tanker, officials say. Vehicles then likely saw the first crash as they rounded a corner on the highway, and subsequently slammed on their brakes or otherwise tried to avoid a collision. In a number of instances, these attempts to avoid a crash were unsuccessful. The officer indicated that some motorists overreacted with their turning or braking efforts, leading to further accidents.

The officer recommended not driving over 30 miles per hour in snowy or icy road conditions, even in a vehicle equipped with snow chains or 4-wheel drive. He noted that weather conditions in California may change significantly within just a few miles, making it all the more important to adjust driving speed for the particular conditions on the road. Without these adjustments, a driver can cause serious damage to others.

Source: KHSL TV, “10-Car Chain reaction Crash Caused by Speed,” Colin Lygren, Jan. 18, 2012