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New Traffic Safety Laws in California Could Reduce Vehicle Accidents

Among the many causes of car and truck accidents in California, traffic violations are an all-too-common reason why vehicle occupants suffer injuries and fatal crashes. The fact that a driver was speeding, driving recklessly or failing to heed traffic signs can play an important role in assessing fault in motor vehicle accident litigation.

Enhanced traffic laws can lead to safer streets and highways by giving drivers consequences for dangerous activities and behaviors. California lawmakers passed several new measures in 2011 that created new traffic regulations for motorists:

  • Repeat DUI offenders (as well as some reckless drivers) will be eligible for restricted drivers licenses only if they agree to install ignition interlock devices on their cars
  • Children 8 years old and younger, as well as those shorter than 4 feet 9 inches, must use approved booster seats
  • Vehicles are prohibited from crossing double parallel solid white lines on highways, except where specifically permitted
  • Double fine zones have been expanded to areas where greater enforcement is needed
  • DUI checkpoints will continue to be implemented, subject to revised vehicle impoundment rules for unlicensed drivers

Of course, the strictest traffic safety laws imaginable cannot prevent all incidents of distracted driving, auto defects, poorly maintained trucks and buses, and many other causes of serious car accidents that devastate families in California every year.

Discussing a Case With a California Car Accident Lawyer

While it is always possible that a case can be settled with a driver’s insurance company, injury victims need to assess all aspects of a case to ensure that they receive sufficient compensation. One of the key advantages of working with a highly experienced personal injury attorney is extensive preparation of a client’s case from the outset for the possibility of trial.