Drivers and Pedestrians Can Help Prevent Accidents

It’s not uncommon for a driver of a motor vehicle to strike a pedestrian. When this happens, there is a good chance that the pedestrian will suffer a serious injury.

While there’s no way to completely eliminate these types of accidents, there are steps that both drivers and pedestrians can take to help reduce the likelihood of this serious situation.

Here are several driver awareness tips:

  • All drivers should be respectful of pedestrian rights, such as yielding when people are crossing the street.
  • By law, drivers must yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.
  • Drivers should be mindful of other vehicles on the road. For example, don’t attempt to pass a person who has stopped to let a pedestrian cross.
  • Along with the above driver awareness tips, there are a few things that pedestrians can do as well:
  • Take extreme caution before entering the roadway, even if doing so in a crosswalk.
  • Do your best to cross the road at a marked crosswalk.
  • Look left and right (a couple of times) before entering the roadway.
  • Don’t assume that a vehicle is going stop, even if you’re in a crosswalk.
  • Keep an eye out for turning vehicles.

When drivers and pedestrians work together, it’s much easier for serious accidents to be prevented.

As a pedestrian, the last thing you want is to be struck by a car. If this happens to you, it’s essential to receive immediate medical care. Once you begin to recover, you can then learn more about the accident, who was at fault, and how to recover compensation for your injuries I need Los Angeles.

Source: Los Angeles Department of Transportation, “Driver and Pedestrian Awareness,” accessed Oct. 03, 2016
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