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Preventing Scalding Injuries in Los Angeles Homes

Hot water scalds young children and the elderly the most. Children don’t have the motor skills, mental faculties, or experiential wisdom to avoid scalds the way adults do. The elderly also lose motor skills, balance and agility, and sometimes mental faculties, which makes them susceptible to scalds and burns as well. Children and the elderly also have more sensitive skin which burns easier than the skin of young to middle-aged adults.

In the home, scalding injuries sometimes happen in the kitchen when boiling water spills, but the worst of the injuries usually happen in the bathtub or shower when the individual is left unsupervised and the water is too hot for their skin. Fortunately, safety practices can be used to prevent virtually all of these injuries.

What you need to remember to prevent burns is “APR.” In other words, be aware, proactive, and responsible when youngsters and the elderly take their baths. Awareness means that every responsible adult in a household should be taught about the risks of scalding injuries, and keep those risks in mind.

Proactive means that responsible adults should test the water to ensure that it is safe before allowing an elderly or young person to enter the water. In doing so, adults should remember that different people can get burned at different temperatures. Therefore, make the water much cooler than you believe is safe. Using a thermometer to ensure that it’s not too hot is the best and safest practice.

Responsible means that responsible adults in a household should supervise those who require it when they are bathing and showering. Also, have a qualified plumber who is familiar with technologies to prevent burns review the burn-prevention safety situation in the household to ensure it is up to par.

Following this advice is a great way to prevent scald injuries in a Los Angeles home. Los Angeles nursing homes should also follow these safety practices. If standard safety procedure is neglected at a nursing home or care facility and an individual suffers a scalding injury, he or she may have a strong claim to seek financial restitution in court.

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