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Brain Injury Effects Go Far Beyond the Victim

A traumatic brain injury is one that greatly affects the person who suffered the injury. Victims of TBIs might end up in the hospital for a long period of time while the medical team works to minimize the effects of the TBI. Starting from those first days after the accident, family members and loved ones can feel the effects of the injury.

While the TBI victim is in the hospital, immediate family members will likely spend a lot of time at the hospital. The emotional toll of the constant ups and downs that are associated with brain injuries can be considerable. Add in the lack of quality sleep, likely poor diet and dealing with the circumstances of the accident and it is easy to see why the inpatient period is so hard on the loved ones who are trying to support the victim.

This whole time, the duties of the victim will likely fall on the loved ones who are trying to support them. This can include having to take care of normal life activities like paying bills, taking care of pets, caring for the home and making sure children are cared for while the person is in the hospital.

When the person gets out of the hospital, life doesn’t automatically go back to how it was before the accident. Instead, many changes will continue on as a normal way of life. When a person is trying to recover from a traumatic brain injury, the process is more like a marathon instead of a sprint. When the injury was caused by an accident, seeking compensation might provide the family with the financial means to carry on while the healing process is ongoing.

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