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How Do Burn Injuries Usually Happen?

Burn injuries are some of the worst kinds of injuries that California residents suffer and they can happen in many different ways. This article will discuss some of the most common ways that a burn injury can happen.

Heat burns, or thermal burns, are generally caused by steam, fire, hot liquids and hot objects. Children and older adults are usually the ones who are most likely to suffer from scald burns because they may have less coordination when it comes to handling hot liquids and their skin is more sensitive to heat. Individuals can also get burned from the cold, such as in windy, wet or cold weather conditions.

Electrical burns usually happen when individuals come in contact with electricity, like power outlets and light sockets. Chemical burns happen when individuals come in contact with different chemicals — either household or industrial ones in solid, gas or liquid form. Believe it or not, even food — like chili peppers — can cause a chemical burn.

Friction burns are another kind of burn, which can be caused by falling and sliding across the ground, on carpet or the road. Carpet burns and road rashes are different kinds of friction burns.

Radiation burns happen when victims are exposed to tanning booths, sunlamps, X-rays, radiation therapies from cancer treatment and other types of radiation. Interestingly, the most common types of radiation burns are caused by the sun, i.e., sunburns.

Not all burn injuries will warrant a personal injury claim. However, when a California resident gets burned due to another party’s negligence, that person may have sufficient cause to seek financial restitution in court.

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