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Defective Product Litigation in California

Every California resident uses a large amount of manufactured products in his or her daily life. When we use these products, we expect them to be safe and not dangerous for our families. Unfortunately, some manufacturing companies are negligent, and they create products that can cause serious harm and even death.

It is important to consider the products we use in our daily lives as a potential cause for different accidents. Sometimes, this takes a little bit of investigation, and a little bit of experience, to know where to look.

Indeed, one of the most important first steps in any product liability claim is pinpointing the product and manufacturer that is at fault for a particular accident. This can be more difficult than it sounds in many cases. Indeed, a car crash might be blamed on a driver, when in fact it was the fault of defective auto parts. Similarly, an auto wreck could be caused by a defective traffic light, but police mistakenly blame a driver for the collision. In the case of a home fire, it is possible that it was not an accident, but it was caused by a defective home appliance that catches fire.

If you or your family member has been injured or killed by such a defective product, Greene Broillet & Wheeler LLP is available to help. At Greene Broillet & Wheeler LLP, we take an aggressive approach when it comes to defective product litigation. In fact, it’s what we’re known for. We have obtained numerous personal injury settlements and awards on behalf of our clients who are harmed by defective products, and we may be able to help you, too.