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What’s the Safest Way to Maintain My Tires?

Motor vehicle safety is an important part of avoiding car accidents — this is especially true when it comes to tires. If your tires are properly maintained, they will have more traction, allow you to stop faster, and provide you with more safety and stability on the roadway. This could help you evade negligent drivers and avoid getting into a crash.

By far, the most important part of properly maintaining your tires involves inflation. It might be hard to believe, but only 15 percent of drivers properly check the inflation on their tires, but 75 percent of drivers take the time to wash their cars. When checking the air pressure on your tires, be sure to check all of your tires — even the spare — at least one time per month. You might even want to put the task on your calendar to help you remember.

Rotating your tires is another thing you can do to improve your tire safety. This will also prevent premature tire wear and irregular tire wear. It is recommended that you rotate your tires at least every 8,000 miles, but only 40 percent of drivers actually do this. One way to ensure that your tires stay rotated is to have it done every time you go in for an oil change.

Finally, it is also important to repair your tires if there is a problem with them. However, you need to recognize when a repair is appropriate and when it is wiser to replace the tires. It is always best to ask a tire professional about whether your tire is repairable.

Having well-maintained tires can help you avoid getting into an auto wreck while driving in Los Angeles. Indeed, when it comes to injurious car accidents, an ounce of prevention is worth about 10,000 pounds of cure.

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