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California Car Accident Claims

A car accident can happen any time, any place and anywhere motor vehicles are present. You might be driving a car, riding in a car, walking on a sidewalk or riding your bicycle. If cars are nearby, you are in danger of getting hurt by a negligent or unlawful driver. The worst part is that injuries caused by vehicle crashes are often devastating and life-altering, and may even be fatal.

For this reason, state governments (including California’s) create strict laws to govern the use of vehicles, which have become a necessary part of our society. When motor vehicle operators violate these laws and cause an injurious accident as a result of that violation, victims are entitled to pursue financial claims against the responsible party or parties.

There are a lot of ways that a car accident can be caused by negligence or illegal activities, and at every accident scene, police officers will try to get to the root of the accident’s cause. They will put their findings in a police report which can be used as evidence against the person responsible for the crash to hold them accountable. They may face censure from the criminal courts for any wrongdoing, but charges and convictions aren’t required to pursue civil claims against at-fault drivers. The same police reports and other evidence gathered at the crash site can be used against the person responsible in civil court so that victims can pursue financial restitution for their injuries.

At Greene, Broillet & Wheeler, we make it our business to seek financial compensation on behalf of car accident victims. If you have been injured in a crash, we may be able to help you recover damages.