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Car Accident Claims in Santa Monica

A car accident can happen at any moment in time, and it can change the course of your life in an instant. A catastrophic collision can result in disabling injuries that never fully heal, a lifetime of pain and suffering and exorbitant medical costs that no one can afford. When an accident and injuries like this are caused by another party’s negligence in Santa Monica, victims don’t have to take it on the chin; they can fight for their rights to compensation in civil court.

At Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, we have helped countless car accident victims seek justice and financial restitution for injuries and financial damages caused by other people’s negligence. This is an area of the law that we are extremely passionate about. Not only do we find great satisfaction in helping people get justice and closure after such a calamitous event, but we also feel that our efforts help to prevent future accidents like this from occurring.

When legal claims relating to negligence are formalized in court, lawmakers and the public take notice. This can result in the creation of new, stricter laws and penalties that encourage people to refrain from dangerous and potentially accident causing behaviors. The new laws will also hold people who engage in dangerous behaviors criminally accountable for any illegal actions they commit and will help keep these drivers off the road.

In this sense, pursuing a Santa Monica personal injury claim is not just about victims seeking justice and closure. There is a big picture of what we do as personal injury plaintiffs and attorneys. We are helping bring more attention to these kinds of accidents and helping to make the world a safer place so they are less likely to happen again in the future.