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Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation in California

Every year, 1.4 million United States citizens suffer a traumatic brain injury. These individuals often suffer a lifetime of disabilities and health problems stemming from those injuries. However, the general public remains ignorant of the fact that so many people are suffering from the condition.

Indeed, one of the most difficult aspects of TBI is the fact that people who suffer from such an injury often do not show any outward signs of their plight. This can make it a challenge to successfully prove the extent of a victim’s injuries to a California judge and jury during a personal injury case.

At Greene Broillet & Wheeler, we have handled countless TBI cases on behalf of our clients and we are intimately familiar with the unique challenges presented by the litigation of such claims. Many of our clients can talk and walk perfectly well; however, they suffer from life-impacting impairments relating to cognitive functionality, memory loss, behavioral and personality disorders, depression and emotional issues. For example, some of our clients — appearing fine during normal everyday contact — might have a hard time doing routine tasks like drinking from a glass of water or trying to tie their shoes.

The human brain remains largely a mystery to doctors and scientists; therefore, the treatment, diagnosis, and evaluation of TBI is often subject to debate. This is why, at Greene Broillet & Wheeler, we often employ the services of leading brain injury expert witnesses to build and strengthen the personal injury cases of our clients. This way, our clients can accurately assess the full extent of injuries to seek a fair and appropriate level of financial restitution in their cases.