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All About Burn Injuries

A burn injury involves damage to the skin and it is typically the result of high levels of heat from a fire or a hot object, but it can also be caused by radioactivity, radiation, friction, electricity and different kinds of chemicals. Respiratory damage from inhaling smoke or hot air is also considered a burn injury.

Worldwide, approximately 265,000 people die as a result of fire burns and even more deaths are the result of scaldings, electrocutions and other kinds of burn injuries. Burn injuries represent a very serious health issue — especially when adequate medical care is unavailable. A serious burn injury usually requires highly specialized medical treatment, which can be expensive and time-consuming to administer. Burns also represents a serious risk of infection and complications, and they usually have a high degree of pain associated with them and often result in catastrophic disfigurement that survivors must deal with for the rest of their lives.

One of the most unfortunate aspects of most burn injuries is the fact that most of them are avoidable. Indeed, a lot of burns happen because of negligence. For example, premises liability issues relating to dangerously unmaintained electrical wiring or inadequate fire safety measures that do meet regulatory standards are frequently the cause of avoidable fire injuries. Also, a lot of fires are caused by faulty or defectively manufactured consumer products.

California residents who suffer burn injuries due to another party or parties’ negligence may have to deal with a large amount of medical expenses. Fortunately, these individuals may have viable claims to seek compensation for those expenses in civil court, should they choose to pursue a claim for damages against the parties responsible.

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