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1 Woman Dead After Car Crashes Into Donut Shop

An automobile crashed directly into a donut shop in Gardena, California, last week. The horrific incident resulted in the death of one person and injured four more.

The two-car accident happened just after 7 p.m. at Donut King. According to Gardena police, both automobiles drove into the intersection of Western and Marine Avenues at the exact same time. The force of the crash caused one of the cars to be misdirected into the donut shop.

Emergency responders rushed to the scene and tended to five injured people. A spokesperson from the Los Angeles County Fire Department said that all of the injured victims were transported to the hospital. Four of them had suffered minor injuries, but the fifth was in critical condition.

Unfortunately, the critically injured person, a 30-year-old woman from Huntington Park, did not survive the accident. The deceased woman had been riding in one of the vehicles that were involved in the crash.

The donut shop was open at the time of the accident. Miraculously, none of the donut shop patrons was hurt, nor were any pedestrians hurt in the vicinity of the accident.

This incident is an excellent example of how dangerous accidents can happen in the unlikeliest of places. Who would have thought that a car could crash into a donut shop while the patrons were peacefully enjoying their tasty confections?

Whenever an accident and injuries happen due to the fault of another party, the people who are injured might have strong and legitimate claims for financial restitution in court. Although there are no guarantees in such a case, courts do strive to award compensation in such cases to the parties that deserve it.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, “1 Killed, 4 Others Injured In 2-Car Crash Into Gardena Donut King,” July 07, 2015