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Girls Get $15M for Firefighter Dad’s Death

The family of a California firefighter who died in a 2012 crash will receive a $15 million settlement, according to recent news about the wrongful death case. The money will be set aside for the man’s two daughters, who were ages 4 and 7 when their father perished in the fatal accident.

All accounts point to the money being placed in a trust fund for the girls. Attorneys in the case say they are pleased with the outcome; not only was the state amenable to a relatively quick settlement, but the amount provided eclipsed lawyers’ expectations. Legal representatives for the girls said they expected a much smaller amount, but their tenacity seems to have paid off.

News reports indicate that that the state’s Assembly, Senate, and governor must approve the settlement before it is finalized. Experts in the matter anticipate that the approval will be forthcoming before the governing bodies take their break on Sept. 13. Statements indicate that the money will be set aside from the California general reserve fund.

The fatal accident occurred on Highway 210 in August 2012 after the man’s vehicle was struck by a state-owned vehicle. The San Bernardino unit chief of Cal Fire was behind the wheel of the offending pickup truck. The victim died at the scene of the collision. The driver, in this case, is facing criminal charges of misdemeanor manslaughter with gross negligence.

The girls’ mother was originally unable to care for them after the crash because of personal life circumstances, but her situation has since improved. The children, who had been living with their paternal aunts and uncles, now reside with their mother in California.

If your loved one has been killed by a wreck with a government vehicle, you could be entitled to financial compensation. Consider seeking the advice of a qualified personal injury attorney to help you learn more about your legal and financial options. You, too, can get the money you need and deserve through a civil wrongful death suit.