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Family of Dead Teen Runner Sues Driver Over Death

The family of a 13-year-old California boy who died in a recent car accident will pursue a wrongful death suit against the alleged at-fault driver. That man was cleared from criminal wrongdoing by area prosecutors, but attorneys for the boy’s relatives still contend that the driver should have been more cautious.

The teen was running his normal cross-country route on May 31 when he was struck while in a crosswalk. After the boy stepped onto the crosswalk across the street from the Paradise Town Hall, he cleared the right lane of traffic but was struck by the defendant’s vehicle upon entering the left lane. The child died because of injuries suffered in the crash, including a skull fracture. An estimated $183,000 medical bill is still outstanding from treatment the boy received at the Enloe Medical Center in the two days after the accident occurred.

Authorities said they conducted an accident reconstruction using a computer model and information from electronic mapping software. That simulation was released during mid-July, with family members, attorneys and members of the press present. At that time, prosecutors in the case said they would not pursue criminal charges against the at-fault driver, instead of calling the incident an unavoidable accident.

Attorneys for the family argue the accident was completely avoidable because even though the driver was traveling within the speed limits and was not intoxicated, he still should have been more cognizant of his surroundings. In addition, the family’s attorney said that the criminal investigation into the matter was incomplete.

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