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Nissan Issues Recall Due to Brake Defects

Nissan Motor Co. will begin a recall of 19,258 of its 2013 Infinity JX and Pathfinder crossover vehicles next month for potential brake defects. According to Nissan, the front brake torque members on those vehicles may have been subjected to improper casting, making them weaker and subject to cracks. Those cracks can decrease the effectiveness of the brakes and, as a result, cause accidents.

Owners of Pathfinder crossovers and Infinity JX vehicles built between December 3, 2012, and January 29, 2013, should bring their vehicles into Nissan dealers for inspection in May. Nissan will replace any defective front torque members.

Nissan is not the first manufacturer to recall vehicles for brake defects this year. In March, Honda recalled nearly 250,000 vehicles because there were numerous complaints that the vehicles would brake inadvertently. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigated the complaints and believes the brake-assist function tied to the vehicles’ stability control system is at fault.

Brake failure can cause serious car accidents and death. Unfortunately, many auto manufacturers do not act to recall the vehicles until accidents have already occurred or the NHTSA has received multiple complaints regarding the brake defects.

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Source: The Wall Street Journal, “Nissan Recalling Pathfinder And Infinity JX Vehicles For Brake Problems,” Jonathan Welsh, Apr. 23, 2013