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Los Angeles to Pay Injured Women $4.2 Million

The City of Los Angeles recently agreed to pay two women $4.2 million for the injuries they sustained when police mistakenly fired on them. The Los Angeles Police Department officers were hunting Christopher Dorner, an ex-cop who killed four people, when they fired 100 rounds at the women’s pickup, believing it to belong to Dorner.

Their shots caused serious back injuries to a 71-year-old mother and minor injuries to her daughter.

On Monday night, the women and the city agreed to a settlement that would provide each victim with $2.1 million. They will also receive $40,000 to replace their damaged truck.

Settlements in Injury Lawsuits

Instead of going to court, the women and the City of Los Angeles spent weeks in negotiations and reached a settlement outside of court. By reaching a settlement, they were able to avoid the cost of litigation and come to an agreement that both sides could appreciate.

Of course, reaching a settlement in an injury lawsuit is not always the best option. In cases involving insurance companies that tend to low-ball settlement offers, for example, spending money and time on litigation can significantly increase the payout.

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