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Truck Flips School Bus, Injuring 16 Children

Another school bus crash this week interrupted the ride home from school for 40 California children. Sixteen of those children sustained personal injuries when the bus flipped on its side after the crash-two of them suffered serious injuries, including a possible head injury.

School bus accidents like this can be extremely dangerous for both bus passengers and other drivers. Passengers must be able to trust bus drivers to handle the vehicle with enough skill to avoid accidents. This includes accidents due to other drivers’ mistakes.

In this crash, it looks like the other vehicle may have done more to cause the wreck. While the bus drove along a residential road, a U-Haul truck backed out of a driveway and into traffic. Apparently one woman drove the truck and a second woman stood in the road to guide her. For some reason, the driver backed out into the bus’s path.

The bus driver saw the truck moving but failed to stop or swerve far enough to avoid a collision. Instead, the truck slammed into the rear half of the bus. The back of the bus swerved out into the street and the sideways momentum from the impact flipped it over on to its side.

An investigation is still pending and it is not clear which of the drivers was more at fault in the crash. Regardless of who is to blame, 16 children were injured and 12 of them required hospital treatment.

Source: Boston Globe, “17 hurt in Victorville, Calif., school bus crash,” Oct. 11, 2012