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California Accident Victim Begins to Recover After Brain Injury

Imagine waking up one day, not knowing where you are or how you got there. After looking around the room and taking in the surroundings, you notice that you are in a hospital room. A doctor walks into the room and tells you that you have been in a coma for eight days. During that time, you underwent several surgeries because you were injured in a car accident.

One California girl did not have to close her eyes to imagine a scenario such as this one. She lived it. The 19-year-old girl suffered a brain injury in the accident that required emergency surgery and left her paralyzed on half of her body. She also suffered a collapsed lung and a fractured tailbone in the accident.

It was not just the physical pain she felt when she woke up; it was the emotional struggle as well. “I guess what hit me most was that your whole life can change in a moment,” she said. Everything she knew in life was taken from her during the accident. She was a student at Sierra College; she worked with her brother, a champion mixed martial arts instructor; and she held a position at a local retail store.

This type of experience should never happen to anyone but occurs more often than many would think. The 19-year-old girl was one of the 1.7 million people who suffer a brain injury on an annual basis. A brain injury is a common result of accidents involving negligence.

Some victims of a brain injury never wake up, and the ones who do often have a long and painful road to recovery ahead of them. Compensation sought in a personal injury lawsuit is not something that is sought because they can; compensation in a personal injury lawsuit is a necessity for many accident victims.

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