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Santa Ana Teen Dies in Fiery Highway 170 Crash

A Santa Ana teen died a serious car accident yesterday on the Hollywood Freeway. Authorities say that the 17-year-old was a rear passenger of a Chevrolet that rear-ended a disabled Jeep in the fast lane of Highway 170 near Victory Boulevard.

After that accident, the Chevrolet driver and front-seat passenger left the car to talk to the Jeep driver. The teen stayed in the Chevrolet, which was slammed by a 2013 Lexus SUV a short time later. The impact was so severe that the Chevrolet flipped and caught fire.

“The rear passenger of the Chevrolet was unable to escape the vehicle or be extricated before the entire Chevrolet was consumed by fire,” the California Highway Patrol said. “The passenger died at the scene and was pronounced deceased by L.A. City Fire Department paramedics.”

This is one of the most serious crashes to happen in the area recently. Images of the scene show an almost unrecognizable car that is crumpled and charred. It is unclear whether these collisions were caused by the failure to use emergency signals or driver inattention.

Both the front passenger and driver of the Chevrolet suffered minor injuries as well as the Lexus driver. The Jeep driver was unharmed.

Source: Los Angeles Daily News, “Teen killed in Valley Glen freeway crash when trapped between 2 cars,” July 9, 2012