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Jenni Rivera Tragedy: What Might Matter in a Wrongful Death Case

Many people in California, the rest of the nation and Mexico are mourning the untimely and tragic death of the beloved singer Jenni Rivera. Rivera, acclaimed as a musical superstar who thrived in a male-dominated genre, died in a plane crash in Mexico over the weekend.

While large crashes involving commercial airlines are thankfully rare, small airplanes crash much more often. Malfunctions and pilot error are often involved in these tragic aviation accidents.

Like most plane crash wrongful death lawsuits, Rivera’s case will likely involve a number of complicated factors. Beginning with what caused the accident, a lawsuit will have to determine what went wrong and why. Some cases involve hard-to-spot malfunctions. Even when experts determine what went wrong, the lawsuit needs to look deeper to examine why a malfunction occurred. For example, a maintenance problem could implicate a number of parties, including the plane’s owner, maintenance contractors, repair workers, and parts suppliers.

Usually, plane crashes involve multiple combined problems. In these cases, the question focuses on which parties are responsible for which mistakes.

Aviation-related wrongful death lawsuits often involve these kinds of complex issues surrounding multiple defendants and sophisticated technical malfunctions. It is important for families to consult with a California wrongful death lawyer to explore all options for holding defendants accountable for their negligence.

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