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High School Coach Arrested After Fatal Fresno Pedestrian Accident

A Fresno high school coach was recently charged with four felonies after allegedly causing the wrongful death of a 7-year-old boy in a drunk driving car accident. The Fresno Bee reports that the 42-year-old coach was driving while intoxicated on July 25th when he ran over the 7-year-old boy, the boy’s father, and the boy’s 18-year-old sister.

The boy died nine hours after he was hit by the coach in a crosswalk on Shepherd Avenue in Northeast Fresno. Reports indicate that the boy was dragged for hundreds of yards down Shepherd Avenue as the coach fled the scene. The coach returned to the scene of the pedestrian accident a short time later and admitted to running over the family.

It is unclear whether the city will face any liability in this case. There is speculation that the coach’s defense lawyer will plan to highlight how dangerous the crosswalk was at the time of the crash.

The Sugar Pine Trail crosswalk is somewhat atypical because it does not require cars to yield to pedestrians. This means that pedestrians must wait to cross when it safe. The lighting at this particular crosswalk is also poor, according to the man’s attorney.

“It’s an inherently dangerous crosswalk,” the attorney said.

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