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Nightclub Security Negligent in Patron’s Wrongful Death

Los Angeles, California, has many areas of entertainment, including night club entertainment. Night clubs are designed to bring a large group of people into the building for entertainment purposes. Although night clubs are primarily designed for entertainment, unfortunate events can happen when crowds gather; this is why it is important for club owners to take necessary steps to protect their patrons. This was the scenario when a night club patron died and a wrongful death suit was filed.

A wrongful death lawsuit stems from an altercation that occurred at a nightclub. Although the nightclub was not in California, the scenario behind the patron’s death could occur in any nightclub. The scenario began when an intoxicated patron physically touched a patron that was part of a private party. The host of the private party identified the intoxicated patron and requested the nightclub security to escort the intoxicated patron out of the private party.

The nightclub security refused to escort the intoxicated patron out of the private party and requested that the private party instead accept the behavior. Later, the intoxicated patron made a gun gesture at the host of the private party and physically hit the party host. The nightclub’s security forcibly removed the intoxicated patron, the host of the private party and the guest of the private party and escorted them into a back alley. The intoxicated person then retrieved a gun. The intoxicated patron aimed at one of the private party’s guests. The gunman then pulled the trigger and the guest was shot several times. He did not survive the incident.

The wrongful death lawsuit claims the nightclub security did not perform their duty when they failed to keep the intoxicated patron away from the private party. The lawsuit continues by alleging that the nightclub failed to contact the local police when it was required. The lawsuit seeks damages in excess of $90,000.

Source: The Southtown Star, “Lawsuit: Dolton nightclub failed to prevent man’s death,” April 3, 2012