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CSI: Car Crash Causes Sinise’s Injuries

The actor may play the role of CSI Captain on the popular television crime series, but he needed the assistance of accident investigators to help determine the cause of the car accident that left the actor with serious injuries. The injuries forced him to cancel several appearances, including a charity event in Palm Desert.

Gary Sinise had been a passenger in a vehicle traveling through Palm Desert when the collision occurred. The 57-year-old actor may play a character without a wide range of personality on CSI: NY, but he seems to be a little more open in real life. The actor is a member of the group, Lt. Dan Band — aptly named after one of his most famous characters from the film Forest Gump.

His band was to play at the charity event in Palm Beach, but that event was canceled. Another appearance in Martinsville, Virginia, will be rescheduled. His television series was unaffected by the accident because filming had already completed.

The fact that an actor’s charity events had to be rescheduled may not affect many individuals’ lives. However, the accident is an example of how lives can be affected after an accident. For the average person, it may not have been a charity event, but your everyday job, the income of which your family relies on. You may have been forced to miss out on your daughter’s dance recital or your son’s graduation while you received treatment for your injuries. You may be an avid jogger who is forced to live their lives in a wheelchair after a leg or spine injury. What is all of that worth to you?

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