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California Woman Suffers Burns on 25 Percent of Her Body

A California woman was recently burned terribly after an accident in her home. The 52-year-old Vallejo resident was trying to light a fire in her fireplace when she somehow lit herself on fire. It is estimated that she has burn injuries on about 25 percent of her body.

The woman ran to the bathroom and tried to extinguish the flames herself, but this did not have the desired effect. She was taken to a hospital in Vallejo and her present condition is not known.

At this point, we do not know what happened to cause this terrible incident, but obviously something was amiss because people do not normally get so badly burned when lighting a fire.

It is possible that this woman did something ill-advised in lighting the fire and so is to blame, but is also possible that there is some other factor at play. Perhaps the fireplace was poorly designed, or the woman was using some sort of lighter or artificial log that malfunctioned and caused her burns. If the latter scenario is true, the woman could be able to sue and seek recompense for her injuries.

Either way, the woman faces an uphill battle as she tries to recover from the burns. Burn injuries are terrible because they compromise a victim’s immune system and leave him or her vulnerable to infection. Even once that risk is over, there is the issue of scarring and the chance that because of the burns, the person will never be able to resume a normal life. On top of that, a burn victim may feel self-conscious about his or her appearance if plastic surgery is not an option, which it sometimes is not.

Source: The San Jose Mercury News, “Vallejo woman hospitalized after setting herself on fire while trying to light fireplace,” April 23, 2012