What are the warning signs of a serious brain injury?

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A traumatic brain injury is an extremely serious condition that can happen after a blow to the head. This can occur during a car accident or some other kind of incident. One of the biggest issues with TBIs is that they are not always discovered by the victims and their medical providers. It is important, therefore, to look for the signs of a serious brain injury so that appropriate medical care can be administered as quickly as possible following the accident.

Sometimes, if the accident victim suffered from what is commonly called a “closed head wound,” it may not be immediately apparent that the individual has a brain injury. However, there are some specific things that one should look for. For example, problems remembering events and confusion are important signals that a brain injury may have occurred. An unusual amount of sluggishness or tiredness could also be a sign of a TBI condition.

If an individual is nauseous and vomits or is experiencing dizziness when standing up, walking around or even when sitting down, these are other signs that a brain injury may have happened. Weakness and/or numbness in a particular part of the body could be an indication of a TBI. Furthermore, if the victim is experiencing severe headaches following an accident, it may be something to have examined by a medical provider.

California car accident victims should always keep in mind how difficult it is to diagnose TBIs. In fact, a doctor or nurse may give a patient a clean bill of health, only to have that patient later return with strange symptoms that are difficult to explain — but end up being caused by a brain injury.

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